Timekettle will provide the following after-sales service: Return & Refund service, Replacement service, and Warranty Repair service. Please contact Timekettle or our authorized dealers for more details.


You may request a return and refund service within seven (7) calendar days of receiving a product if the product has no manufacturing defect, all packaging, attachments, accessories are still in new or like-new condition, has not been activated, and will not affect re-sale. Please be advised that once the package has been opened, we will charge 10% of the total price of the product as depreciation. If you request a return and refund, please contact our customer service at within seven (7) days of receiving the product. The product must be arranged for return within 3 days of the confirmation of your return and refund application.

You may require to cover the shipping fee for return. Timekettle will not be held responsible for any loss and damages during return, and will not issue refund until the product is delivered, and proof of purchase is provided.

We may reject Return & Refund Service under following conditions:

× The Return & Refund Service is requested beyond seven (7) days of receiving a product;

× A product sent to Timekettle for Return & Refund Service does not include all original accessories, attachments or packaging, or is damaged by user errors;

× A legal proof of purchase, receipt or invoice is not provided or is reasonably believed to have been forged or tampered with;

× Any damage caused by unauthorized use or modification of the product, including damages caused by exposure to moisture, entry of foreign materials (water, oil, sand, etc) or improper installation or operation;

× Product labels, serial numbers, waterproof marks, etc. show signs of tampering or alteration;

× Damage caused to the product by uncontrollable external factors, including fire, floods, lightning strikes, or car accidentals;

× A product is not scheduled to deliver to Timekettle within three (3) calendar days after your Return & Refund Service is confirmed by Timekettle.

× Other conditions stated in this policy.


You may request Warranty Repair Service, if a product suffers performance failure during Warranty Period. Official Warranty Period for product is twelve (12) months from the date of your purchase, and six (6) months for accessories.

Following terms and conditions must be verified to use Repair Service:

√ A product suffers performance failure in correct use of the product during Warranty Period;

√ No unauthorized misconduct to the product, including shell opening, alterations, or modification to the product;

√ Provide valid proof of purchase, receipt, or invoice. What this Repair Service does not cover:

× It is requested beyond Warranty Period for Repair Service;

× Crashes or fire damages caused by non-manufacturing factors;

× Damages caused by unauthorized modification, disassembly, or shall opening not in accordance with official instructions or manuals;

× Damages caused by improper installation, incorrect use, or operation not in accordance with official instructions or manuals;

× Damages caused by incorrect repair by customer not in accordance with official instructions or manuals;

× Damage caused by unauthorized modification of circuits, and mismatch or misuse of the battery and charger;

× Damage caused by operations not instructed by the User Manual;

× Damages caused by unauthorized third party accessories;

× Any software programs,whether installed at random or subsequently;

× Failure of, or damage caused by any third party products;

× Damage caused by insufficient battery, or use of any unauthorized third party battery;

× Product labels, serial numbers, waterproof marks, etc. show signs of tampering or alteration;

× Non manufacturing factors such as compatibility, satisfaction to colour, design, and shape, etc.

× Product is not scheduled to ship within three (3) days of your Repair Service is confirmed by Timekettle.

To help us fasten your request for Return & Refund, Replacement, or Repair Service, please follow these steps:

1) Please send E-mail to , to request your Return & Refund. Make sure to include your invoice number;

2) We will reply to your E-mail as soon as possible to confirm your request has been received, and answer any questions may arise from such Services.

3) Ship the product to us, including your name, and proof of purchase, receipt, or invoice. Please make sure the product is packaged neatly and safely, to prevent damages during transit.

4) It is recommended that you apply insurance for shipping the product, to protect your interest, and track the package anytime during transit.