• How does Simul Mode (Auto Mode) work?

When A speaks, B will start hearing the translation as soon as A finishes the first sentence; meanwhile, A can still speak non-stop even when B is still hearing the translation of A's previous sentence. And vice versa.

  • How come the other person is able to speak non-stop, and I can't?

Currently, Simul Mode only supports one-way recognition or Text-to-Speech (TTS), it does not support recogition and Text-to-Speech (TTS) at the same time.Your earphone does not activate If the other person is still speaking, or the translation is not yet finished.Speak when all the translation are finished.

  • What if I do not hear the translation while the counterpart speaks?

The translation will start only after the other person's speech is finished to make sure the complete structure of the sentence of your counterpart is recorded for optimized accuracy of the translation.

  • How come the translation starts before a speech is finished?

If a speech is paused for longer than 1 second, you will hear a 'beep', indicating your speech is finished, and the translation will start. Please speak fluently, or finish your sentence after the translation playback is completed.

  • How come there is no translation result in noisy environments?

When the volume of ambient sound exceeds the volume of your sound, WT2 may “think” you are still speaking. Try using 'Touch Mode' in noisy environments.

  • How to use Touch mode

Each person wears one earbud; touch and hold the sensor, a 'beep' will sound to indicate that you are ready to speak. Release the finger from the sensor when finisihed.

  • How come some words are missing in begining and ending of a speech?

It is recommended to wait 0.5 seconds after holding the sensor; before releasing from the sensor.

  • How come the sensor does not respond after translation is finished?

Please wait 0.5 second before you can start speaking again.

  • How to use Speaker Mode?

You wear one earbud, hold your phone close to the mouth of your counterpart. Use the two buttons at the bottom of the interface; touch, speak, and then touch again to start the translation.

  • How come it does not recognize accents and slangs?

Light accent and frequently-used slangs are fine; although it is recommended that you speak with traditional accent and grammar structure.

  • How come my speech is not recognized in full?

We recommend you to speak louder and more clear than usual, this will improve the accuracy of the recognition drastically.

  • How come the translation is not accurate?

Avoid names of people, places, and local slangs. Make sure the sentence is completed, or try another way of expression.Ex. 'Two nights hotel' to 'I'd like to reserve a room for two nights.'

  • How come it takes a long time for the translation?

Make sure your network is good. Bad network may result in longer latency.

  • What if translation is lagging?

Check your network. Other factors such as obstacles between mobile device and earbuds, or earbuds more than 3 meters away from mobile device may also affect the stability of data transmission.