• Where do I download the APP?

Click here to download.You can also download the APP in Google Play, or App Store, by searching 'WT2 plus'.

  • What if my phone can not use WT2 Plus APP?

Please be aware the APP is only compatible with Android 7.0 / iOS 11.0 and above.

  • How to use WT2 Plus?

Each person wears one earbud; turn on the Bluetooth, open the APP, the earbuds will automatically connect; choose one of the three modes to start your conversation.

  • What if I can not enter Auto mode or Touch mode?

Make sure the earbuds are connected with the APP. You can check the connection by clicking 'Devices' in the APP.

  • What if there is a 'beep' sound, but no translation result?

Make sure all permissions are turned ON, including use of network, Bluetooth, recording, and GPS. Please also make sure the network is good. If it still does not work, re-start the APP, and re-connect the earphonnes.

  • How to choose languages for '01' and '02'?

After selecting one mode, choose the languages for '01' and '02' on the top of the APP interface.

  • How to update the APP?

Go to Google Play and App Store, search 'WT2 Plus' and download the latest version.